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i-Scire is an app for Ipad and Android tablets to make possible organize, read and execute educational resources like SCORM files or PDF.

This work has been partially funded by Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación through projectTIN2009-14009-C02-01

update! i-Scire is now in beta stage. Please, use this form to report any incidence you observe using i-Scire. It will be very useful to help us to improve i-Scire

reported: Sometimes, i-Scire shutdowns when you click on dropbox-icon to access to your dropbox account. (ios5.1 Ipad2) update: problem fixed.


SCIRE is a latin word for “to know” or “to learn”. i-Scire is aimed to students who desires to use their tablets to read and play their educational resources even if they are in SCORM format. It pretends to make possible execute SCORM files in the same way they can play them in their computers.

i-Scire is not connected with any LMS. It is a stand-alone application but it is possible to use a twitter connection to keep informed your community about your progress.

i-Scire is a complement tool for the student PLE (Personal Learning Environment), extending the learning environment far from the computer screen, making possible a real m-learning situation as complement for an e-learning scenery.

You can download your educational documents using a direct URL to access the file or use your DROPBOX account to navigate between your files, select and download the file you want to play.

The SCORM file could include javascript(tested), Youtube embedded files (tested), Slideshare embedded files (tested)…

Ipad does not execute adobe FLASH or another kind of files that a computer could play. This is an iPad limitation you have to take in count.

If the SCORM file includes adobe FLASH items, they cannot be displayed or executed in your iPad

Do you need a SCORM Editor? Why don't you try eXelearning? It produces really good SCORM files you can use in i-Scire!


SCORM player

There exist an application for mobile phones (windows-CE and Android OS) made by the “innovation University Club” of the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca

This work, although is oriented to make possible to use smartphones in m-learning situations and handles specially the limitations of the reduced screens of those devices, set the model to interpretate the SCORM model of data and file.

Whith some variations, we have based the i-Scire SCORM module on this work.


SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based e-learning. It is oriented to standardize the way to pack educational content.

SCORM is a specification of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, which comes out of the Office of the United States Secretary of Defense.

Along those last years, SCORM has been implemented in lots of LMS widely used like SAKAI, BLACKBOARD, MOODLE, etc…and some of the most important repositories of learning content had choosed SCORM file format to deliver content using the web.

A SCORM packagge could be interactive and interchanges data with the LMS which is holding it.

I-Scire is a stand-alone application, a player for SCORM files, not a LMS. I-Scire can't organize learning process. But it uses data from SCORM process to send messages through social networks1)

An special case is OCW from the MIT. This can be considered as a repository of Open Content


i-Scire is available in apple store (for free!) DOWNLOAD now!

Also, i-Scire is available in Google Play (for free!) (By now, only in spanish language version, sorry) Descargar de Google Play

i-Scire in Twitter


1) actually it uses the user Twitter account to send messages tagged with a specific hashtag: the name of the SCORM file
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